In Europe, openness is the order of the day within the business world. This can be misleading when doing business with European companies or partici- pating. They know well how to work on personal emotions. Some have a good intention and others do not. It often happens that European companies are in default or do not make payment.
Invorderingsbedrijf operates internationally and so we handle matters for you that relate to debtors from Europe, so our services are cross-border! For some countries a procedure has been put in place to enable international direct debits to be executed. Our international collection procedure runs according to a number of steps. 

Not all policy is the same from other countries within the EU and therefore it is necessary to make the payment order as urgent as possible. In a South European countries it often occurs that agreements are not fulfilled. For this we have appointed a lawyer in the country who has been familiar with the contact norms for years. The first step that must be achieved is to submit a request for a European order for payment. This Regulation allows for the recovery of uncontested civil and commercial claims. This is done entirely through a European procedure consisting of uniform forms. Form A is the request for a European order for payment. This form applies to all countries within the EU. This must be completed prior to the execution of a claim.

European Payment Order Request [Form A]

Before a court of commerce issues an order, a request must first be submitted. This request contains all details of the parties and their representatives who will participate according to the claim. Your own data, the debtor’s data and what the order for payment will have to be sent to, the actual claim. There is no escaping any more for the debtor. Everything is recorded in black on white.

The amicable process | Debt Collection Europe

The court normally has 30 days to handle the request. Then the order is finally communicated to your debtor. For this the form must be completed completely and correctly. In this, the order is transferred to the Italian debtor by means of several means of communication. After these 30 days, the counterparty also has 30 days to fulfill the payment or dispute the claim. The defaulter has within 30 days to submit the defense (Form F). This can lead to the way to the ordinary civil court when the plaintiff chooses this. He will deal with the case in accordance with national law. The case can then be continued or stopped with the help of lawyer Italy.

European Payment Order [Form E]

If the debtor still has not made payment, the legal process will be initiated. The claim is transferred to our competent partner in the South European country. If the European court has granted your request, the competent authorities will be sent Form E, or the European Payment Order. This contains the details of both parties and their representatives supplemented with the actual claim to be executed. In most cases Italians are shaken by this, so they still make payment.

No statement of defense?  

If the debtor has not filed a statement of defense, you can assume that the order can be executed by return. The court will send a copy of the order to a competent authority within Italy to execute the order. In this case you will receive a declaration of enforceability from the Commercial Court, also known as Form G.

We have the specialists in house!

To handle your international claims, you need a good lawyer as a representative. Invorderingsbedrijf B.V. has specialists who work very professionally with international direct debits. You can request advice from one of our legal specialists without any obligation. They will help you with your international claim!

Start debt collection in Europe? Make an appointment with your international advisor

Would you like to have your unpaid claims collected in Italy? We are pleased to hear that. You can also go to all other European countries and also to America, a large part of Asia and Russia. You can make an appointment with one of our debt collection specialists by calling our telephone number 070 – 762 0330 or send us an e-mail ;@ We will get in contact you.

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