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About us

The story behind ..

The Collection Company is a leading player in the area of ​​collection, both in the field of credit management and in the legal field. A club of intelligent and committed professionals has set up the company. We collect from a beautiful business premises in the center of The Hague where many thousands of euros are reclaimed daily for our hard-working customers. With our sophisticated strategies we have only one goal: to collect.

Through the smart strategic deployment of all available resources and a wealth of experience, we are a solid partner for large and small companies and institutions. We are an indispensable addition to a healthy company. We like to work for passionate entrepreneurs and gladly share our successes with them.

We do it differently

The Dutch market for debt claims is not very innovative and is not transparent. We see it as our mission to make the difference. Especially when high interests are at stake. We do not like fully-printed standard letters and do not hesitate either for a disputed claim or a legal dispute. Every case receives the maximum attention from us because we impose performance targets ourselves. Only then is the ultimate result achieved.

Like it’s in the name

Like it’s in the name, we only do what we are good at: collection. We always start without the intervention of coercive and legal remedies. As a result, we receive more than 91% of all claims. Incidentally, by our unyielding commitment in the legal or judicial process that has proven itself. By employing enthusiastic lawyers and inspired lawyers, we have an unprecedentedly high success rate of over 92% (2011) and 95% (2012).

Passion for the box

Our passionate employees invariably challenge every day and our respected customers continuously improve our peak-quality service. We continuously expand our knowledge and therefore think of the most appropriate solutions. With its own modern technologies, optimum accessibility for clients and debtors. Always obtain expert and honest advice to which our customers are entitled. In this way we provide inspired entrepreneurs with the growth that their company needs.

We arrange matters quickly, adequately and especially specialist!

Interested in our services?

Please contact us: Phone 070 – 762 0330 or email Invorderingsbedrijf B.V. International