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About us


Instead of telling you how great we are (which we obviously are), we would like to leave that up to our clients. The majority of our clients are loyal, regular clients. They are our ambassadors.

Thanks to Het Invorderingsbedrijf, we have fewer debtors than ever before. I always try to settle matters with my clients myself first, but if worse comes to worst, Het Invorderingsbedrijf always makes time to help me out. We are a perfect match and I would recommend them to everyone.
E. Schaffels, directorGraumans Machinale Timmerwerken B.V.
As a short lease and rental car company, we deal with numerous debtors. The stakes are often high, because large amounts of money are involved. Het Invorderingsbedrijf has been proven to be a solid and strong business partner. We have been working together for several years now and could not be more satisfied. Their proper advice and quick-wittedness have enormously increased our working capital.
C. Janssen, controllerSelect Car Lease B.V., de meest flexibele specialist in Shortlease.
It has to be said: I am extremely satisfied with the efforts, passion, and involvement of Het Invorderingsbedrijf!
W. Kok, directorBosch Car Service Wim Kok B.V.
Het Invorderingsbedrijf has made a very positive impression on us. During the whole collection process, they have provided us with professional and helpful advice. The debt collectors are easy to approach and always make time if needed. Moreover, their business approach is very transparent: digital files containing all necessary reports, letters, and appointments are always up-to-date and therefore easy to track. I believe that every company should create such a digital file for their clients. At Het Invorderingsbedrijf you get a case number, but are never treated as ‘just a number’!
Timo ten Cate, directorDigital Group
To me, reliability is key to any business relationship. I treat my clients with respect, and expect to be treated with respect myself as well. That is the reason why I like working with Het Invorderingsbedrijf. Our department ‘credit management’ is constantly being updated about the progress of our claims, and therefore, I always know what is going on. If cordially settling a case turns out to be impossible, Het Invorderingsbedrijf always manages to find the most effective collection tool.
G. Foster, directorFost-Air Installatietechniek B.V.
As one of the fastest growing oil wholesalers, I need to focus on my company’s orders, distribution, and logistics. We have a divers and very large customer base that deserves my full attention. Hence, my choice for Het Invorderingsbedrijf. They do as promised: they take immediate action and never let a case drag along.
L. Schipper, financieel directorOTR Oiltrade B.V.
Het Invorderingsbedrijf: a credit management partner who knows how to communicate. Who provides us with professional advice, who gets a lot done in short periods of time.
G. Nafzger, controllerVan Doorn Container Parts B.V.
As a nationwide service provider, I need to be able to trust my business partners. The arrangements we make with our business partners simply need to be met. I highly appreciate the services of Het Invorderingsbedrijf. They are extremely professional and their online database allows me to track the progress of my cases at all times. That they operate nationwide, is important to me. Acutec represents quality, knowledge, and experience, and so does Het Invorderingsbedrijf. Our partnership has proven to be of great value.
C. Raaphorst, directorAcutec B.V., landelijk opererende technisch projectbureau voor engineers en ingenieurs
We started doing business with Het Invorderingsbedrijf in 2010. We were looking for a collection agency that was on the one hand able to maintain the valuable relationships we have with our customers, and on the other hand, was able to quickly and effectively recover our debts. Het Invorderingsbedrijf has proven to be the right fit. Both the cordial and legal process is taken care of and I am constanly aware of the progress. I use the Online Cockpit to track the status of my cases. I would highly recommend Het Invorderingsbedrijf to everyone.
D. Boedhai, directorDeo Printing, duurzame online kwaliteitsdrukkerij
Kroon Leveranciers is an online wholesale business with more than 17.000 office supplies. On a daily basis, we deal with hundreds of business customers in both the Netherlands and Belgium. Het Invorderingsbedrijf takes care of our complete administration. In doing so, files are automatically taken care of and I don’t have to spend any time on them anymore. Debtors who contact us, I immediately refer to Het Invorderingsbedrijf. Het Invorderingsbedrijf is an extremely tranparant and competent collection agency and I could not be more satisfied.
R. Vos, controllerKroon Leveranciers B.V., groothandel in kantoorartikele
The collaboration between Het Invorderingsbedrijf and Softmedia has been extremely successful. Whenever we deal with a debtor who fails to pay his due, Het Invorderingsbedrijf takes over. We don’t have to worry about it anymore and they always succeed in recovering our debts. Moreover, because of their professional approach, it has never negatively affected the relationships with our clients.
E. van Vijfeijken, managerSoftmedia Interactive
Doing business in construction requires creativity. Het Invorderingsbedrijf has been our partner for legal matters and debt collection for years now. I am extremely satisfied with their fast-paced approach.
H. de Jong, directorTimmerfabriek De Jong en van Aartrijk B.V.